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Dessert Heaven with CARNATION®

Creamy, smooth, rich are all terms used to describe the perfect dessert. CARNATION® Evaporated Milks are versatile and can be added to make your pies, ice creams, mousses, cakes, custards, cookies, and so much more. Many baking enthusiasts may know that evaporated milks are the close cousins to condensed milk, just without the additional sugars. Thus, it makes home cooks have more control of the amount of sugars they’re adding to their desserts.

Here are a few tips to make those comforting desserts you know and love to indulge in. 

Custards, Mousses and Cream Pie Fillings.

Heavy cream or whipping cream or a combination of whole milk generally forms the base for cream based desserts such as custards, mousses and cream pies. CARNATION® Evaporated Milks gives body and thickens up pretty well. Chilled CARNATION Evaporated Milks when whipped can replace whipping cream used to lighten mousses. Use the same quantity of CARNATION® Evaporated Milks as you would whipping cream. When making custards use 50/50 ratio of water to CARNATION® Evaporated Milks. Should you want a rich, creamier texture use 100 percent evaporated milk to replace whole milk. Adding creaminess and thickness to cream based pie fillings such as Banana Cream Pies can be achieved by using and replacing the same amount of cooking cream or using a 50/50 ratio of evaporated milk to whole milk.

Ice Creams

CARNATION® Evaporated Milks is a lower fat substitute for heavy cream to make ice-creams. It has a high concentration of milk solids, and this gives richness and smoothness to ice cream. To make your rich, tasty frozen treats substitute the same amount of heavy cream with CARNATION® Evaporated Milks.

Cakes and Muffins

Ever had a recipe that called for buttermilk? Well CARNATION® Evaporated Milks and combination of vinegar and lemon juice does the trick. To make a cup of buttermilk combine ½ cup water with ½ cup CARNATION® Evaporated Milks and a tablespoon of vinegar or lemon juice. To add moistness to your cake batters; add the same quantity of CARNATION® Evaporated Milks or CARNATION® Evaporated Milks as you would with whole milk.