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Nestlé Proud Land

Nestlé Proud Land is Fresh Nutrition locally Made!

Nestlé milks was one of the first set of products manufactured at the Valsayn factory when it was opened in 1962. Since then, we have been collecting fresh milk every day from local dairy farmers. Some of which still supply us today!  

Back then our milks were known as ‘’White Lily’’ & "Stay Fresh", these were household names, and even though they have since changed, some of our parents and grandparents still refer to milk by these brands, an example of just how deep-rooted Nestlé’s heritage is here in T&T.
From day one, we have always remained true to our commitment, of providing the nation with the freshest milk possible.  

Nestlé Proud land, 100% Fresh Milk, is farmed and produced right here, by our own people, from our own land, and this is why we are Proud!