Get ready to IGNITE YOUR APPETITE with the newest, HOTTEST thing in flavour!

Introducing MAGGI® Pepper Sauce. 

Enjoy three varieties:

  • MAGGI® Pepper Sauce Mild

 MAGGI® Pepper Sauce Mild

  • MAGGI® Pepper Sauce Hot N’ Spicy

MAGGI® Pepper Sauce Hot N'Spicy

MAGGI® Pepper Sauce Spicy with Chadon Beni

MAGGI® Pepper Sauce Chadon Beni

MAGGI® offers a range of tasty and irresistible pepper sauce blends that bring your meals to life, whether you’re a hot mouth or a mild mannered flavour chaser.

With MAGGI® Pepper Sauce, you’re sure to find mouth-watering delight in every bite, so get ready to IGNITE YOUR APPETITE.