Enhancing flavor in top family meals with MAGGI® Article

Enhancing flavor in top family meals with MAGGI®

MAGGI® Season-up!

MAGGI® Season Up is a ​superior blend of herbs & ​spices. It is a dehydrated pre-seasoning that ​comes in these variants: ​

  • MAGGI® Season Up Fish​
  • MAGGI® Season Up Chicken ​
  • MAGGI® Season Up All-Purpose (completely vegetarian)​
  • MAGGI® Season Up Jerk (completely vegetarian)​
  • MAGGI® Season Up Ginger (completely vegetarian)

MAGGI® Season Up is the most important ingredient to be used with your fresh seasoning during the pre-seasoning stage of food preparation.  ​
Use it on its own or with fresh seasonings to season all your favourite meats​ and veggies.
There is no need to add salt or other powdered seasonings.​

How to use: 10g  (1 sachet) to 454g (1 lb) meat.​


MAGGI® Soup it up!

MAGGI® soups save you time in the buying and preparation of the raw materials. Cooking time is also shortened. They are available in a wide range to suit a variety of tastes:

  • MAGGI® Chicken Noodle Soup
  • MAGGI® Jamaican Cock Soup with Pumpkin
  • MAGGI® Thick and Spicy Chicken Noodle Soup
  • MAGGI® Beef Noodle Soup
  • MAGGI® Vegetable Soup
  • MAGGI® Fish Tea

MAGGI® soups can be used as a base for homemade soups or on their own as a broth or light meal.