Breakfast fun for the whole family with these deliciously little O’s. Each irresistible Nestlé® CHEERIOS® O is made with 4 whole grains: oats, wheat, rice and corn, and contains fibre. Fortified with 9 vitamins and minerals, they are not only great tasting but nutritious too. Each crunchy O is fortified with 9 vitamins and minerals including calcium which helps to promote healthy bone growth and development in children. Nestlé® CHEERIOS® is also a good source of iron that helps contribute to normal cognitive development in children. With no artificial colours or flavours, Nestlé® CHEERIOS® breakfast cereal delivers a good combination of nutrition and taste whilst providing a selection of vitamins and minerals such as calcium which contributes to the maintenance normal bones and teeth. Enjoy a bowl of delicious Nestlé® CHEERIOS® cereal with cold or hot milk, and for a balanced breakfast serve Nestlé® CHEERIOS® cereals with a piece of fresh fruit and a glass of water. A great healthy way to start your day.